20 Dead Flower Children - Swanknation


Tekst oryginalny

Deeper we fall!
slither on the people of the serpent to the rats in the whole
pushed in the corner and afraid to be swallowed whole by their temptations
and their vanity's that just dominates their society
and makes the rats seem insecure and useful to the world
no more yet when the serpents shed their second skin
the rats will finally see the fools in each of them
and then the rats will hear their threats
yet turn the other cheek because the serpents are the ones with the insecurities

And deeper we fall.....

you the majority,
submit to your conformity of violence and vigilance,
our culture of these deviants lust will even the score,
we cant love ourselves no more
is this fate yes?
is this fate no?
is this the way the world will grow and so...
strippers in the window
mannequins behind the window
sugar daddy's cashing in his kiddie porn, the internet,
who's giving in to raising future generations with the sin

and deeper we fall......

and general public you push on your morality then cheer your "jerry springer"
with your mob mentality michelle dont follow what they say,
jennifer don't join in their decay their bigotry,
stupidity's no road for you don't go the way
"store your treasures" as deeper they fall.....
and deeper we fall....

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