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50 Cent
Baby Get On Your Knees - tekst piosenki

Yo whoo kid man yo drop this shit man i gotta go man lets hurry up man lets go man
50 cent g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g G-Unit
Baby if you get on your knees
Put me in your mouth and suck me off
You know i got you
(50 cent)
She was hesitant at first, that she never did it before,
So as i got her goin she was goin like a pro
She went up and down like a merry go round then
Round and round and splash
She freaky freaky when you get her in the bed
You need a G like me to get it in her head
My conversation is stimulatin
She in room ten nineteen in the hilton waitin
She got a thing for balls I mean a thing for falls
I don't turn her ass out so im the one she calls
On the cheek she kiss me and tell me she miss me
Bein around me got her used to drinkin don and christy
Im a special nigga look im used to grindin
Keep the benzo clean and the sprewells shining

Baby if you get on your knees
Put me in your mouth and suck me off
You know i got you

Bright in the mornin i roll over guess whose on my shoulder
A pretty round round this girl's got fingers goin down town
But at night with no rights
I have you wonderin if it's a lightning bug in her mouth or a glow in the dark tounge ring
Banks need a ghetto chick
Set a nigga up wit ass
Stick around till we fall asleep then get in the stash
Leave with everything rubberbands stacks in the grass
Ass so fat she gets hand claps when she pass
I aint never had a girl but you can be my bottom bitch
I don't been around the world he can hate on all kind of chicks
Range rover were never sober henacey vanilla soda B A N K dolla sign bitch
Naa i aint here to hold ya let your baby daddy roll the stroller
Banks don't associate with no tricks
Ima make it a g-unit party from the hotel lobby
If u aint tryin to freak off then go home bitch

Baby if you get on your knees
Put me in your mouth and suck me off
You know i got you

You know what i came to do
Let you put your lips on my dick but don't tell nobody
You my mistress bitch
All your friends keep tellin you what to do when you get me
Gotta eat the nut first like a hershey kisses
Bitch show me you miss me
Like im pac or biggy she can be as small as eve or even as big as missy
I like it when them dikes and dogs in groups of 6
Suck off banks and 50 and be like you mix
Get your ass suplexed tellin me to go down im a P.I.M.P. bitch i bet you know now
Baby girl slow down you make a nigga cum quick
When you close your eyes and make your tounge do a trick
You my 3 o'clock lollipop catch the last drop bitch
Walk around naked ho i met your ass topless
She finally found out what young buck is about
Now give a nigga from the south some of that mouth

Baby if you get on your knees
Put me in your mouth and suck me off
You know i got you
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50 Cent - Baby Get On Your Knees

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