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  • Autor: 504 BOYZ
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504 BOYZ
No Limit - tekst piosenki

(feat. Magic)

Bitch i'm a soldier (until the day that i die)

A No limit soldier (yes i am, yes i am)

I thought that I told ya (and nothing or no one could ever change that)

Ain't no need to ask me why I'm a soldier til i die.

I'm a soldier see the tank on my neck?

Mr. Magic is my name y'all better give me respect

You might remember me from seein' me postin' up on the block

With a .45 Glock

and a mouth full of rocks

Hustlin' like I didn't even care

Wakin' up my neighbors poppin' pistols in the air

Tryin' make a million pullin' all night flights I'm praying cuz I'm

knowin that my life ain't right

Forgive cuz I'm wrong but I'm begging or forgiveness

And now I'm hustlin' in a whole other business

Tryin' to do right for the people that I hurt

in the process of growin up

I've change my ways i guess thats why I'm blowin up

I'm comin' back for all my peeps

Just try to stay alive and keep your ass off the streets

For the ones that gotta hustle just to eat

Lord, I say a prayer for you before i fall asleep

How man heard Sky's the Limit?

Shit i ain't finished this is only the beginning

I'm with no limit

Just think I'm in my prime

If I'm not the best just give me some time and I'll change your mind

Niggas like me hard to find

Genuine I'm the only of my kind young black and full of pride

With a mind to teach the whole world

If you just listen to my words

Y'all can feel my pain

A lot of years wasted, buku friends died a lot of wet faces

The other half caught a bunch of fuckin' cases

So still a lot of tender spaces

Wish I could erase the hate

Who said money makes you happy?

It can never bring back my daddy

So fuck the Navi and Caddie

I'm hopin' y'all could hear me

Cuz I'm speakin' this from the heart

Me and my fans never torn apart

And to the haters that be hatin' on my click

Find a spot in line or suck a nigga's dick

I'm gettin a lot of call now

Bunch of fake bustas I couldn't ever trust ya,

fuckin blood suckers

Want me for the gift that you never thought I had

I saw your other side, but fuck it I'm mad

You say a lot of shit but you never ponit the finger

I'm guessin' that Mr. Magic gon' remember

Surprisin' a lot of so called superstars

Passive comments but really don't want go to war

Not with me my reputation stands for itself

Just pull the disc out can't keep it on the shelf go and get it like

it's the last one left

I work the piss out the people who press 'em

I thank the lord for such a wonderful blessin'

Every word that I speak is a lesson

hard to believe that this nigga is from the projects
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504 BOYZ - No Limit

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