702 - Round And Round


Tekst oryginalny

Baby to the hip hop
Baby I won't stop
Tell me what's your sign
Is it capatible to mine
I'm gonna hit you with the 1,2
Check-a 1,2
Are we meant to be
Let me introduce you to my crew
I be sweatin' you
Sweatin' you like sweat
Can you feel my vibe
Are you feelin' it just yet
Baby you be makin' my poor heart pound
Every time you-oohh

Turn me all around
Hear my heart pound
You got it goin' on
That's why I sing this song

Check this
You be so fine and I'm a witness
Hit me up on hip,come and check me
I got what you want,I've got what you need
And each time
You be walkin' by and my poor heart pounds
On and on and on till the break of dawn sounds
So let me hear you say



Upside down
Inside out
And Round and Round


Oh oh no
You so fine,so cute
Oh oh no


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