8 Days And Waiting - Seasons Change


Tekst oryginalny

the porch swing sits empty on a cold summer's day
and I'm saying to her, I used to remember us playing on those days
I will deny one thousand times that this has always been good bye
when will i look inside myself, one last time?

when will I rise, one final last time,
to reap what we've sown, to claim this life as my own.

the winter breaks out from the top of pines and
the summer greens now will never come
sometimes i feel so small, sometimes i care so much.
about the ice cream man and the wedding song,
and when the springtime goes, it will never come
the seasons change, we'll never be the same,
mom and son divided, is it time to walk away?


when its time for tea for two, I'll be deciding what I want from you.
we'll be running in the summertime and the spring rolls by,
now we never even wonder why
do you know its hard? sometimes you gotta look for the strength
you need inside yourself you just. you just.
you just have to go.

I'll stand up and go.

this life is my own.

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