Abominator - Intro / Renegades At Hell's Command


Tekst oryginalny

Summoned by subconcious fire, the source of command
Dritical mass of anarchy, reaping the land
Eternal curse of hells infantry, the sword is at hand

Throwing flames of anger, asphyxiating mist
Stench of burning corruption, procession into the abyss

Descending, the god who fights under the shields guard
Chains of power, melted through, unleashed from earthly prison

Unleashed from the sky, hells repent
Cannons poised high, to restore the throne we were sent

Breeding hate, the wrath to kill, relentless thrust to the end
Battalions override the followers, heritage of death must descend

The light bears me not, and then he must fall!

Renegades at hell's command, endless thrust
Renegades at hell's command, battalions ride
Renegades at hell's command, heritage of death
Renegades at hell's command, must descend

Book of lies, incinerate, against the resurrection we congregate
We must negate this oppression, with Lucifer's total aggression
Relieving Christ of his throne in pain, black horns of liberty now reign

We are part of a greater plan, renegades at hell's command
Free your soul from the lies of man, supremacy is at hand

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