Bad Lieutenant - Runaway


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There may come a time
When the days are short
And you'll feel it
Like it just ain't worth it all

And the sky is full
Of the winter gill
But there's something
Keeps you standing by her side

I know it's hard
But you can't turn away
Sometimes it's better
Just to look the other way

When you're all alone
In the dead of night
And you're wide awake
But you just can't find that light

And I can see you're at the bottom of the well
You're holding on
But then you can't uphold yourself

You've got to know that everything will be just fine
Forget that pretty babe
The sun is gonna shine

I know it's hard
But you can't runaway
Sometimes it's better
Just to turn the other way

Was there ever a time
When wrong was right
As you tried to hold on
To the things that you like

And I can't count the times
I felt sorry for you
Cause you're hollow inside
Like a black shade of blue

Without you
I feel lost in a world that was made of ice

Without you
I would live like a beggar in paradise

It's so true
And I'm telling you straight
I would never lie

So walk away with me
Walk away with me
Like a runaway

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