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Pray For Me - tekst piosenki

Every little symbol

[Verse 1]
Right dap in the middle of August
No cold, no fever I'm still coughing
The weatherman, I predict the rain
Things will get better man I predict the pain
Cocaine, breathe deep
Fighting sleep, couldn't get a wink
I need this, I breathe this
Trying to dodge and weave this
And I cry when you look at me
This ain't the way it's supposed to be
And god damn it I'm lost
How much it's just going to cost
For me to get some help

I can't do this by myself
I'm crying in the booth
Arms tied, ain't nothing I can do
I'm through...
Pray for me

[Hook 2x]
Every little symbol
Every little sign (Pray for me)
Tells me something different
Every single time
I won't tell the secret, hard for me to know
Give me what I need and I will let it go

[Verse 2]
Can you keep a secret? Don't tell nobody
I'm back to using, don't tell nobody
And God knows, man I need to stop
I'm around pills all day it's hard not to pop
The feeling, the feeling is slow motion
I feel like the ocean, I got the magic potion
Man, I got an addiction, man, I'm on a mission
Trying to fill this prescription, listen
And man I'm in no position, man, I'm a Christian
It feels like I went fishing, listen
Why I've tried to explain, why I snort this 'caine
And fly like a plane

I'm crying in the booth
My hands tied ain't nothing I can do
Man, I'm through
Pray for me

[Hook [2x]

[Verse 3]
Marshall quit, why can't I?
It's been two weeks, I'ma give it a try
Stay out the clubs, stay out the bar
It's calling my name (Bizarre, Bizarre)
But, I ain't Marshall, I guess I'm just a fean
I can't stay clean off them pills and the lean
Going through withdrawals, my back's aching
Cold sweat, my body shaking
What about my girlfriend? What about my daughter?
Fuck that, I need two 7-50's and some water
Pain pills and a whole lot of liquor
I'm fucking up my kidney, I'm killing all my liver

I'm crying in the booth
My hands tied ain't nothing I can do
Man, I'm through
Pray for me
Pray for me...
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Bizarre - Pray For Me

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