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  • Autor: G. Brown, Brian Dobbs, Artis Ivey jr.
  • Rok powstania:
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  • Tagi: coolio
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Too hot - tekst piosenki

Everybody listen up cuz I'm about to get my speak on
Fools be trippin' when it's time to get their freak on
Runnin' round town, puttin' it down, without no protection
Funny erection, when it's time for selection
What's your direction?
Before you make a choice you betta do some inspection
If you don't know my aim, an', don't know my game, then
Let me explain now, Aiesha slept wit' Mark
Then Mark slept wit' Tina, then Tina slept wit' Javier
An' the first time he seen her, Javier slept wit' Loopy
An' Loopy slept wit' Rob
Cuz he was rollin' on beeds an' had a good ass job
Rob slept wit' Lisa who slept wit' Steve, an'
Steve was positive H.I.V.
What started off as a plan, ended up in the plot
Ya betta cool ya ass off, cuz it's too damn hot....

1-You know it's too hot, t o o h o t
Too hot lady t o o h o t
Gotta run for shelter, gotta run for shade
It's too hot, t o o h o t
Too hot homie, t o o h o t
Gotta make some sense from this mess that we made

You're doin' everything momma told ya not to do
Now you're tryin' to walk away cuz ya know it's true
Your sister can't explain, an', your mother's a shame, too
I bet you both had the same last name
I don't have to ask you where you've been
Cuz the matches in your purse say Holiday Inn
A mind is a terrible thing to waste that was the slogan
But now it's '95 an' it's don't forget the Trojan
Explained it to her momma
Before somebody get her got her
Help her to the game with those smooth talkin' niggas
'Love' is the word, so is 'remember' it often heard
Latex, safe sex, you better learn to get hip to the facts
Before you be yacko, end up in a box on your back
Sometimes ya axed me what you wanted, get what you got
Don't get caught up in the plot, it's too damn hot...
(repeat 1)

Another day in the city, an', know what a pity
Even though we did our duty things are still lookin' shitty
Everybody in the packstack tryin' to make some scraps
Walkin' in the rain but they ain't got no hat
Understand how we livin' in the 90's loc
Nuclear waste kind of a pleasin' in the pistol smoke
Sex, lies, and videotape an' break
Just a little public crime can seal your fate
We need to do something drastic shit
It's gettin' tragic, and if you don't believe me
Then go ask Magic
Everybody an' their momma preaching abstinence, these
Kids ain't checking for abster shit
So put a condom in their hand and hope it don't bust
Another victim of the lust, in God we trust
What started off as a plan, ended up in the plot
Water can't cool it off cuz it's too damn hot....
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Coolio - Too hot

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