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  • Autor: Da Assassin
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Da Assassin
Suicyde - tekst piosenki

(Verse 1)
Somebody help me, I'm thinkin I can't cope
Early in the mornin, looked in the mirror and seen myself hangin from a rope
And it got me in a fucked up state of mind
I'm havin thoughts of blowin my brains out from time to time
I often feel like I'm livin on the run
And I'm straight nervous, paranoid, so I'm sleepin with a gun
I close my eyes and I can hear them bitches screamin
I'm wide awake and yet it feels like I am dreamin
What would I do, I think I need a head Shrink
Every time a killin is done, I write it down in blood not ink
I always wanna take my own life, put a bullet in my dome
Maybe that will make me feel right

Instead of homicide I feel like suicide
Somebody help me
Instead of homicide I feel like suicide
Instead of homicide I feel like suicide
Somebody help me (Somebody help me)

(Verse 2)
I'm paranoid as fuck, I'm havin nightmares cause of what I've done
I killed this fool for no muthafuckin reason
Was there a motive behind it?
Not that I know of, all I can say is that muthafucka reminded
Me of this trick I had a big funk with
So I snuck up on that mark and let the muthafuckin hatchet kick
Head smash, peeled his muthafuckin cap back
And later on that night I'm askin myself, why did I do that?
I should have knew that nukka wasn't him
With no remorse I smoke a blunt and kill a fifth of that Faygo, then
Went to sleep, now I'm seein this nukka in my dreams
Wish I was dead, on in the head
Somebody help me


(Verse 3)
Now I'm paranoid, body shiverin, got me wakin up in a cold sweat
I grab my hatchet, put it to my dome, wonderin if I should just die yet
These voices in my head keep tellin me to swing it
And to my own muthafuckin brain it's like I'm goin insane
Feel like I'm looney, a nukka be gettin psychotic thoughts
I'd rather be takin a quick way out than gettin caught by the law
Then spend the rest of my life locked in a cell
So what the fuck am I do to get up outta this shit
Swing the hatchet, and let it go split(phlept)

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Da Assassin - Suicyde

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