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  • Autor: Da Brat
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Da Brat
Who i am - tekst piosenki

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh give it to me give it to me
(Oh yes! Da Brat is in the fucking building!)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh sock it to me sock it to me
(Oh yes! So So Def is in the building!)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh give it to me give it to me
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh sock it to me sock it to me

[Verse 1]
You can nod your head in your jeep or your car
Cos I'm the coldest human being that you've heard thus far
My rhymes is more hotter, I still pack a whole lotta
Nobody can't touch Shawntae the showstopper
I do my thang with a ? swang
The lyrics I bring keeps the niggas hating
And to the tick-tock ya don't stop
Would ya believe I ain't never left the scene
I coulda stayed in your face but I waited in the wings
Patiently til the coast was clear, some hoes ain't gon' have no hope this year
When I kill it I murder it dead, sippin' on some remi uh!
As for my competition find them in the hospital bed nigga
Wishin' they ain't had no confrontation with Brat
Trippin' they whole body, mummy wrapped, up in the cask
Gotta sip through a straw now and piss in they pants

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
Well well well, I'll be damned
I might as well tell you who I am
I am the capital B-R-A-T
And it's shockin' I'm the one you mockin'
(Oh yes!)

[Verse 2]
JD, lemme get one of them beats please
DJ this motherfucker while I spit 16
Replay this motherfucker for the radio show
It's all about who you know and I know everybody
You're the receiver, we dealin' for heat
Make you a believer So So technique
The freaks come out at night and it's two in the mornin' so what you gon' do?
I'm at the studio yawnin' JD sayin' I can have company so come on through
Don't you? Love my ? cos it rings yo' bell
I'm more tender than a roni and I'm hard as hell
If you ever wonder where I'm goin' - straight up top
And I'm the best from the West of Chi
On my block we gunnin' we runnin' shit til we die we high
I make a nigga so sick to the stomach cos I'm fly!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh give it to me give it to me
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh sock it to me sock it to me
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh give it to me give it to me
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh sock it to me sock it to me

[Verse 3]
I got the strength to make it through the rainy weather and storms
But I don't got the patience waitin' on the doe to come
I chase it until the job is done
Ain't nothin' basic about me I'm the livest one
I'm on fire, now I see why ya, bitches wanna bite me like a vampire
It's just the way that I am, really don't give a damn
From the fat on your back it's a fact that you wack
And you wanna be Da Brat
That'll never happen come on! That's suicide
You might as well put your neck in a noose
Take ten vicaden and chase it wit grey goose
Or start your car in the garage with the door down
Sit down and think about where the crown sittin'
It's where it s'posed to be, the dome of the B to the R-A-T
With So So Def new addition nigga ABC

[Chorus to end]
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Da Brat - Who i am

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