Elegy - Over And Out


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Seems like yesterday, you walked into my life and swept
My heart away.

Way out of line,
I couldn't hear you lie it's like a trick of the mind.
Let me tell you mama, the best things in life
Suppose to be fare and you ought to be mine.
Down here on my knees, begging you please,
Please go after someone who you really need.

You're out of my world, but you go where ever
I try to make a new start with life.
Baby haven't you heard, you're over and out
Over and out
Like the day before, you opened up my heart
Now it won't close no more.

Day after day,
Looking at the future in a devious way.
I'm not heartless guy,
Cause mine did some healing.
I don't care if you cry.
So listen to me honey, to my innercall,
Don't wanna kick the bucket better than a walk.

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