Honor - Resistance In Blood


Tekst oryginalny

Following by one voice,
And seeing all the naked truth
Entering violent way of storm
Where all the others are down
In freedom of the fearless souls
Which lays so deep inside of you
Understanding all the greatness of harm
Where we have been told to live

Not the first time we'll raise our swords
Not the first time blood shall be spilled
Not the first time enemy shall fall
Not the first time but sure the last one

Staring the fire from behind the bars
In our run for freedom
Lashed by the whip for thousand years
We'll pay back all our pain
Still more sure of eternal rights
At land of our forefathers
The constance defiance of our blood
Will dig for traitors the grave

The final bounding is to rake
And all the questions away
And for our pagan true beliefs
A new world shall be reborn
When from beneath the earth still comes
The voice of endless battle
What's been impossible becomes
As easy as never before

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