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J minus
castles made of snow - tekst piosenki

Down in the valley is where he used to roam
mid January you could always find him building in the snow
trails of angels and castles of dreams
an amazing array of artillery
without a care in the world he created the scenery
and he was happy
this was years ago and I don't see him anymore
he disappeared the day his heart broke

The way you were
was the way we always hoped that you would be
I know it hurt
but you locked yourself away and lost the key
you're only a memory and I know you can't return
to the way you were

he would have you believe that he's made of stone
he buries emotion like a dog with his bones
you could say he left his heart in the snow
if he dreams I can't tell
he's tangled up inside himself
who he is
who he was
and who he wishes he could be
he used to be a little brother to me
and he got on my nerves every day of the week
but isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Christmas was white this year in the city
we gathered together as a family
by the time the sun went down
everyone had settled in
everyone except for him
alone in the cold he didn't seem to mind
constructing his castle in the snow and ice
this moment had proved that he had survived
the boy was still inside
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J minus - castles made of snow

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