J minus - seasons


Tekst oryginalny

The day it has come
awakened by time you realize no one is coming back
they left you behind
Your friends are all gone
moved away in the years since you thought
you would be livin’ the life so plain
but happy and sane

Then the judgment comes
they’re breaking you down
making the rounds
they only leave an empty shell if you buy what they sell

Seasons come and seasons go
a little more of you dies every time you give up or lose hope
so dry your eyes and focus on the road
only then you’ll have it all

Now the trail has gone cold
can’t remember the last time you have seen
your dreams in your heart and soul
you’ve gotten too old
And I know you lose sleep
you feel that your past might lash its teeth
and erode all the ground you’ve gained
start over again

When the judgment comes
you’re ready to fight
you stick to your guns
they’ve all become an empty shell
‘cause they gave up on dreams and themselves

The party is over
you feel too sober now
you do not need another soul to tell you how to live

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