Jael - Echo


Tekst oryginalny

Verse 1
Flicker, conscious, broken free
Shattered from my haunted sleep
The words you used to take from me
Are gone like some forgotten dream
I hear my voice, I flee the scene
I'm not the prisoner that I've been
I try to fathom what it means
But now it's just a
Now it's just an echo

First I seek, then I see
And you just echo
Now I stand, faith in hand
And you just echo

Verse 2
Looking back now I can see
How you had a hold on me
Subtly, hypocrisy
So bound and shackled mentally
Your wares I no longer seek
But still you come, I hear you speak
But there's no words that I receive
Cause now you're just a
Now you're just an echo

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