Jael - Sorry's Too Late


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Verse 1
Is there any way to apologise
For my selfishness and my selfish pride
Is my penance to live with the words that haunt
That you said on the day you died

Now I'm stuck in a place
Where wishes don't work and your prayers they don't mean a thing
And my chances are gone and so are you
And my Jesus took another whip
He didn't have to take
He didn't have to take

Verse 2
What do I tell the Son of man
That His child chose hell in glance
Or that I would take the opportunity
One more chance
On the day you died

Never again will I sit back, retract
Watch the sky roll back the paint of the stars crack
Find myself dividing up the time I spent with you
Prioritizing the small talk, avoiding the truth
I check your face as I speed away that day
Less one chance to bare my stance on this living death
I can't go back, I can't act on what my memory brings
Looking through a muted view all I see is you
On the day you died

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