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Pay Em No Mind - tekst piosenki

Jahlil beats Holla at me
Let go
Look at legends
That's it

(Verse : Jahlil Beats)
I'm up high,(tell 'em) living life at 30.000 feet
Looking down they hating niggers walking underneath
And you can tell the way I'm walking in my snicks
That I keep that ready with me when I walkin' in these streets(Okay)
I'm strapped like J. Wayne king griffins
Snap back phillies , 20 hundred in fifties
Talking 'bout the wing old man don't be silly
Next fresh prince meet the new big willy
Like chilly, I really sit that yolo in the water
When it's cooking making bubble like Rozay be overflown
Yeah they're jealous but they really wanna benz
Cause we ballin' in the game while they watchin' from the bleachers
(Haters) can't remember shit it feel like eighth day of week
And I think it was sir Roc that had them bitches acting freaky
So I'm a living legend you can catch me on my grind
Ain’t talking about money then I pay 'em no mind

(Verse : RediRoc)
Ok I'm sitting on the top laughing at you niggers
Swag on a million I'm splashing on you niggers
I'm the mofoking mad dog you just mad you can't bow
Money you won't ever touch you should cut your hands off
I am going hard and these lame niggers
These hating niggers who I haven’t seen before
Broke niggers wanna get a word better bring something for that paper hoe
These gold diggers won't see a dime,you got paper not seeing mine
Got a bad bitch, she's super dime , in the lime light getting super shine
Living legends taking over believe that
Fly young niggers getting money you see that
Gone ape shit, I be on some take shit
If they ain't tryin' to give me mine
I'm beat 'em to the finish line
Niggers mad I'm the man in demand
Knock to my pocket couple grand in my pants
What they look like,hating niggers is looking funny
What you doing,pay 'em no mind though I am getting money

(Verse : E Gram)
Money is the motivation
Fuck these niggers hating
And these niggers writing that's a bad combination
I slowride like jamaicans,dirty all is clean
Bitch I'm stacking on these papers serving fiends like I'm a waiter
Chump, It's E Gram don' forget the name
Big ass brightly I left the chain
Big ass 40 play with me mate
V12 wizzi in a third lane
A pound of marry what I'm tryin' to get
Just made a stack now I am thinking 'bout doubling it
These hoes ain't about shit so I'm like fuck a bitch
610 Shawty gettin' to that money bitch
I be on my crazy climb I'm so high,I'm so fly
They be talking ridin' shit,they be lyin' they be lyin'
All our beat to the competition
And these frauds that ain't got a pot to piss in
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