Julio Iglesias - Two lovers


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I thought that I was strong
I thought that I was wise
I never let my heart control my mind
I thought I had it all
I felt my life complete
And love became a word I left behind
And then I saw you there
My every breath slipped away
I couldn't speak,
I couldn't think
All I could do was stare
With just one look in your eyes
I felt the room disappear
All that I could see was you...
We were two lovers,
Two people,
Too much in love to say goodbye
Now we're two strangers,
Two children,
Too proud to say who's wrong or right
I tried the best I could
To make you understand
Look at me: I`m not like any other man
But now I've come to see
You're not like all the rest
What we had was special
We could have had the best
When we make love
We set the night on fire
Caught up in our desire
We never said hello
Is it as clear to you as it is to me?
We must have been out of our minds
How could we say goodbye?

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