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Kanye West
Arguments - tekst piosenki

Martin Lawrence(speaks while choruses are sang):"look here, lemme tell you something, ya know. I'm tired a arguin im tryna share this wit chu,ok? I'm tryna giv this to yooou, ya know what im sayin? To Yooou, you know? This..if you don't, y-you can't get wit the indoor pool, the outdoor pool, or lil music studio thing, the little bowlin thang, ya know what im sayin? Hm, this is yours. But chu don't like that, then fiiine man. You can leave. You can allllways leave. I'm not holdin you here".

We can't even sit & talk
Witout chu arguin
Girl you must be outta your mind
You're the one who started it
(Gangsta, ugh!)

1st Verse:
I gotta girl at home
But she don't cook
I have my condoms in the store cause she won't look
And she neva-eva go to the grocery sto
So I figure it's safe to pull a grocery-ho
She was buyin 'Alazee' out the liquor isle
She said, 'i hope it's not too ghetto'
Rock-Dawg, Gold Force, Baggy style
I kept her number on file
For my girl be actin wyld
Like last week, I told her take me to the mall
But she don't drive
My otha girl picked me up at 3:05
She got a brand new car, sixteen
Now the car only 1 yrs old, oh
Man, but the body look grown, "whooa!"
Before I catch a case I betta take my ass home
Where the problems is
Arguments be daily like
Carson airs

Martin again:
Fuck you. Fuck yooou. I on't give a fuck whatchu have. This little indoor-indoor, outdoor pool, little bowlin alley. Material buuullshit. It don't mean shit. It don't make what's in the muthafuckin heart".

We can't even sit & talk
Witout chu arguin
Girl you must be outta your mind
You're the one who started it
(I'm gangsta, ugh-ugh)

2nd Verse:
Hol' up, wait a second man
That's that thrift sto info
That's sauce again
Why don't chu talk to the mouth a the horses
Bout my porshes?
Condo's in front a the gold courses
Instead you stay up
Count every second like a fake rolley
I'm real, so you know I move real slowly
The way this relationship should go if you know me
I ain't call you
You wanna know why? I mean you know why
How on the low i push jet-skee's so I
Couldn't return them pages, on my motorolla
Nextel, my cell it don't work down there
And what happened in cancun, stay down there
What's happenin here, made me wish I stayed down there
Take a seat. Why you always makin a beef?
You know these walls too thin in this apart-a-ment
Now everybody hearin our arguments
What the problem is?!?!?

Martin again: (audience laughs & applauds) "Why you actin like this? But letchu have some Valashi. Some nice beautiful shit. (Gangsta) They act like they gon leave yoou. You can tell em look here, Ya know. I'm tired a arguin".

We can't even sit & talk
Witout chu arguin
Girl you must be outta your mind
You're the one who started it
(I'm gangsta, ugh-ugh)

Last Verse:
Man boo you know what I do
So don't trip when I come home after two
Or three or four
I ain't messin wit them girls no more...this week
The benz coup is so sweet
When I roll down the street
Tears roll down her cheeks
She said, 'you must love that car more than me'
A nigga i was wit chu before the cheese
So you need to work on your priorities
If she went wit 'Fabulous'
I bet that she'd be a:
AR-GU-IN-G, Please
I'm not actin like this cause I'm gettin spins on
WU-KR-in, Cin-ci-nat-ti
You think I get my voice so deep
Like WU-KR-in, cin-ci-nat-ti
That's how much of a fuck I give
You seen cribs? That's how the fuck I live
As far as this...

We can't even sit & talk
Witout chu arguin
Girl you must be outta your mind
You're the one who started it
Frankly sick & tired a your lies
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Kanye West - Arguments

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