Kareem Salama - I Miss You (Hopefully)


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Somewhere over the rainbow, I lost you chasing after gold; I guess they call you a free-spirit these days
But I was there to fulfill requests you didn't know you had, and then one day you were gone just like that

Chorus: Yeah, I miss you, now
And maybe you won't be back around
But this life's too short to be waiting on you and me
I can't help it; I gotta live hopefully

You went running after stars in Hollywood, and you went looking for sunsets on the strip
But real stars lie in the night sky of devotion, and real sunsets are in the heart of contentment


Well, I know live in this fast-food world, and we lost the skill to see things through
And we run for cover when the chains of Paradise come, and now I know it's not me, it's you


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