Kareem Salama - More Than


Tekst oryginalny

Since when did a man need to be free of his sin
To see the face of the moon and feel the warmth of a friend?
I come from miles and miles away, from a far and distant place
But I pray every night to dream of the light of your face

The more I know you, I love you

Chorus1: More than moutains of jewels
More than months of honeymoons
More than gold loves a fool
I love you

I'd give up everything I have, which isn't much to say the most
But you'd be my honored guest, then I'd be a gracious host
If you're the Paradise I seek, then I was born in hell
If you're the garden where we sit, then I sit on land untilled

The more I know I love you

Chorus 1

Chorus 2: More than shade under a tree
On a sunny day in Tennessee
More than I love me,
I love you

Wish all the people throughout time knew what I know about you
How they harmed the ones you loved, and how they tried to harm you, too
But you repelled hatred with love, and you invited friend and foe
And though the lies they speak pain me, it's that you're gone that hurts the most

The more I remember you, I love you

Chorus 1, Chorus 2

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