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  • Autor: Kle Shay
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Kle Shay
Hey Isabella - tekst piosenki

Hey Isabella, whats it like in Forks City
I know the rain must a pain, but hey, at least you have company
Yes you do, you know Edwards in love with you, and I am too
Thats right Bella, Im fascinated by your image
And Im as jealous as Mike, that you chose to be with that guy Cullen, oh bell why?
Hes not even that nice of a guy, ok, thats a lie
Oh, Bella should be with me 4x
Bell please be with me
Hey Isabella, I know you have a real loud car
Im not a good mechanic, but I can tell you where some goods ones are, theyll have it fixed
I know Edward wants a piece of this, he can bring it then
Hey Isabella, I can so take care of James
I understand you dont want him around, theres some calls I can make, theyll handle it
And then youll be so gracious, cause Im a pimp
Oh, Edward is scared of me 2x
Oh, Bella should be with me
Cause I, am also quite charming
Arizona seems pretty far, to travel in a silver car
I know the Volvo cant make it all the way
I know that he knows how to fly, but I know how to fly a kite
And thats a greater accomplishment, I think
Hey Bella, I can promise you, that by the time they release New Moon
Youll know that Vampires are not as great, as they all say
Hey There Bella, make sure you stay out of the trees
You might fall and break you arm or something, cause Forks is really windy, I love you
I dont want anything to happen to you, unless you pick that other dude
Hey Isabella, if you do; then I guess were through
Oh, you know you should agree
That Edward is too condescending
Oh, Bella, you + me
= Total Chemistry
Bell please be with me
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Kle Shay - Hey Isabella

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