Laarni Lozada - You're Someone I Belong To


Tekst oryginalny

Never thought I'd give my heart completely
I was too afraid to fall so deeply
Love could hurt so much
I told myself that I should never fall in love
With someone
So easily

(But your smile tells/in your eyes I see)
A different story
(It's like saying/When you tell me)
That I shouldn't worry
Now I wonder if I'd still believe that love could hurt
When it feels so right to love you
Now I know what is true

You're someone I belong to
Someone who can make my dreams come true
Someone who makes me feel
There's nothing, I should fear
Who'll be near me when I need him

I belong to
And I will never let go...

It's you that I belong to
No one's ever loved me like you do
Your love is all I need
There's nothing I won't give
For a love that would stay till forever
Now I know what is true
I should be loving you

Repeat II

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