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  • Autor: Lady Shy
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Lady Shy
All I Want Is You - tekst piosenki

Damn, Damn, where did all the magic go?
I stood by your side, and told u anything u had to know,
But now I've had it though, me and u were hella close,
Distance got the best of us, & so did all those other hoes
Guess that's how it goes, ups and down, HI and low,
Haven't seen u in a minute where have u been hiding though?
Man, well I don't know, you're probably getting high,
Or maybe living life, while I'm here passing u by...
My back is hurting but it's probably just that knife,
That u left in my back, when u stabbed me fuckin twice,
Anyways, I still feel like I'm here for u,
I call u all the time, but I don't ever even hear from you,
I hope you're hearing me, man, I hope it's killing you,
Because it's killing me, I feel the misery,
No point in living with out u cause I feel incomplete,
But all I WANT is u, I got the things I NEED,
I'm fucking falling and no one is there to catch me,
Am I the only one just sitting here, UNhappy?
I hear you're dating now, you're going out with Stacy,
But I don't give a fuck cause she ain't ever gon' replace me!
She talks a lot of shit about me on the daily,
But all the things she's saying, can never phase me,
Do u blame me? for being so amazing?
5 years passed, and we both been changing...

I wonder sometimes, I wonder if we, would get back together again,
Trying to get u off my mind, but u appear in my dreams,
We break up, then makeup, we fight all the time, so what good would it be?
U tell me, u want me but, but I know the shit u say, u don't mean...
All I want is you...
All I want is youuuu... yeahh
All I want is youu nowwww...
But now that your gone,
I'm broken...
All I want is you...
All I want is youuuu... yeahh
All I want is youu nowwww...
But now that your gone,
I'm broken...
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Lady Shy - All I Want Is You

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