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Witness The Drift - tekst piosenki

We're monitored and the majority sounds alike

So we decided to invent a modified

Type that resembles no one

This method is identical to none

No procrastinating, we must hustle

On the strenght we gotta use much muscle

Lyrics are written for the public

Get to know this rhythm and love it

This style is smooth

Become one with the groove

And it's pumpin, so move

Knowledge from the lyrics, get involved with the clique

And witness words as they drift

Witness the drift

Flow on my boat of festivity, ignore negativity

And sail with me inm y lyrical treasure

If it's projected correctly music is pleasure

Positive science I'm droppin

Poetry's in motion like two lovers knockin

Soundin like another, that isn't my motto

See, I'm a leader not a follower

A portion of poets sound equivalent

They need to fabricate a style that's different

Drift to the music but don't miss the message

I'm droppin, your job's to catch it

Stop harrassin, we're not assassins

I'm just a vocalist far from Charles Manson

Brothers livin foul, they're actin like juveniles

They're goin a mile, man, they need to calm down

Speakin my theory as the crowd get near me

Yo, turn up the mic so they can hear me clearly

Then I be set

Yo Eric, how you feel about that? (Cool) Bet

Paintin a picture, learn from the scripture

TKO once the bass hits ya

Wounded by the lyrics, kicked by the bass

Peace to Style One, Deja, Mark and Tase

Cool, calm, almighty Laquan

I'm a menace to society and heavily armed

I'm a soloist, one DJ and a gun

Two heads are better than one

Peep out this misfit, it's dope, isn't it?

Get close to your speaker and witness the drift

Witness the drift

Calm, swift is how the vocal tone is thrown

As I let it be know that the blind will roam

In the dark as I spark and set a mark in this art

For a cause, save the applaus for last

As I blast and strive at a task

At a slow pace cause haste make waste

Most of you want to do what I do

State facts on wax and make a million too

As I thrust this style style of speak

You're hypnotized as sound waves seep

Deep within and I'm gonna send you

Words that alternate at a constant rate

Picture yourself trapped in a cage

Your mind is in rage, you wake up, it's a stage

You think it's a dream, but you're still a prisoner

Cause I cook shrimps as if I was Sizzler

Here is the movement, work for improvement

Join hand in hand, back to the Motherland

It doesn't matter what your shade is

We need to set it straight, he think the land is his

I'm not taxin, stop ridin my tip

A smooth coaster, I don't flip, trip

Step tot his, as your spirit uplifts

Become a part of this, witness the drift

Witness the drift
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Laquan - Witness The Drift

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