Maaya Sakamoto - Yubiwa ~23 carat~


Tekst oryginalny

As my tears keep overflowing one after another,

I can't see your last smile through their blur.

Please don't go, please don't go... Stay here.

Light bursts through the sky.

Even this insignificant me

loved you more than anyone, with all my soul.

Thank you for all of

the precious feelings

you've given to me.

"When you took off, I was

watching for a long time as the vapor trail disappeared."

Please don't forget

You're not alone.

Even if we're apart, we can still carry on hand-in-hand.

With my first love, I first realized

that there could be such sorrow.

Even if something lapses away, something will

live once again.

When you gave me a smile as we parted, it was

your message for me

to truly live with all my heart.

I just know that we'll see each other someday.

If we're together,

even if we're far apart, we can gaze in each others' eyes

Let's bet everything on all our hopes and dreams.

Let's promise each other

that we'll hold on to the intensity we felt

that day,

and live the future that blooms

in tomorrow.

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