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Marley Bob and The Wailers - Definitive Gold
  • Data premiery: 2006-01-01
  • Dystrybutor: Select Music
  • Data nagrania: 1970
  • Liczba płyt: 1

Marley Bob and The Wailers - Definitive Gold

CD 11. Trench town rock2. Soul rebel3. Kaya4. Go tell it on the mountain5. Try me6. It's alright7. No sympathy8. No water9. Rainbow country10. There she goes11. Mellow mood12. Treat You Right13. Chances are14. Hammer15. Touch Me16. Caution17. Soul captives18. Can't you see19. Reaction20. 400 yearsCD 21. Natural mystic2. Lively up yourself3. Soul Shakedown Party4. Soon come5. Cheer up6. Back out7. Do it twice8. Keep on moving9. Don't rock my boat10. Put it on11. Fussing And Fighting12. Duppy conqueror13. Small Axe14. Riding high15. African herbsman16. Stand alone17. Sun is shining18. Mr. Brown19. Stir it up20. Stop The TrainCD 31. Keep on skanking2. Brain washing3. Corner stone4. All In One5. Man To Man (Who The Cap Fit)6. Wisdom7. Mr. Chatterbox8. One in all9. Dreamland10. Run for cover11. I Like It Like This12. Turn me loose13. Brand new second hand14. This train15. There she goes16. How many times17. Treat You Right18. Love Light Shining19. Rebel's Hop20. Satisfy my soulCD 41. Picture On The Wall2. Shocks of mighty3. Shocks of mighty [Part 2]4. My cup5. Adam and Eve6. Downpressor7. Long Long Winter8. Thank You Lord9. Tell me10. Soul almighty11. Send me that love12. Make up13. Concrete Jungle14. Screw Face15. Love Life16. Nice time17. Power And More Power18. Redder than red19. Hypocrite20. All In OneCD 51. Sun Is Shining (Dub Version)2. No Sympathy (Dub Version)3. Kaya (Dub Version)4. Concrete Jungle (Dub Version)5. Soul Rebel (Dub Version)6. No water (Dub Version)7. 400 years (Dub Version)8. Don't Rock My Boat (Dub Version)9. Corner Stone (Dub Version)10. Soul Almighty (Dub Version)11. Rebel's Hop (Dub Version)12. It's Alright (Dub Version)13. Try Me (Dub Version)14. Keep On Moving (Dub Version)15. Rainbow Country (Dub Version)16. Satisfy My Soul (Dub Version)17. Fussing And Fighting (Dub Version)18. African Herbsman (Dub Version)19. Duppy Conqueror (Dub Version)20. Dracula (Mr. Brown) (Dub Version)
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