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  • Autor: Meshuggah
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We'll never see the day - tekst piosenki

Justice runed by eternal travesty
Bloodcurdling hammer soon to be released
Stalking brutality tomorrow we will see
The unjustified agony unleashed

Strangling superstitious braces
Rampage overboard
Remoted deathmasks have no faces
We only see the cord

Lead to pathes and alleys
Chosened by a treacherous source
Squeeze the odds down to our last days
To summon up their force

Folded to pernicious chambers
Pounded by the walls disappear noone remembers
Nobody hear our calls

Ruthless saints prey upon us
The society of friends
They are the wounds we are the pus
No matter how i ends

Maimed and left to putrefy
Betrayed by society
Indiscreet left to die
Filled with indignity

We will come to grief
By this irrational democracy
What's a life worth for humanity
Nothing more than justice by insanity

Utilization, covetousness
A voracious mouth to feed
Fatal greed engraves our death
Chokes our possibilities

We are the children of this devastating science
We are the lost till the end
We are the victims who knows who is lying
Forgotten we are dying

We are dying

We'll never see the day
We'll never see the day
We'll never see the day
We'll never see the day
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Meshuggah - We'll never see the day

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