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Nameless One
Darkness - tekst piosenki

In a cold room, where time stands still
Sleeps a frozen soul, a misshapen thing
Tiny spears of sunlight broke through the darkness
And impaled the eyes of this strange being

He awakes from his slumber, opens his eyes
Nervous and tired he shakes his head
To avoid the rays of pure light
He slowly painfully leaves his bed

Now that his sleep was broken
A flame of memories began to spread
And with them came a vortex of pain
That played havoc inside his head

Pain unbearable, an endless moment
Vortex commands him to recall
He twists in agony stumbles through the door
Into the unknown, until his fall

Lying down on the ground
Too confused to look around
Forgotten memories are struggling
To get out

He manages to lock them up
To somehow keep them at bay
Vortex is slowing down
Pain and agony are fading away

He glances at this strange world
There's something unpleasantly familiar around
Utter darkness chills him to the bone
Light is now too far behind

He looks behind into the warm light
Somehow he prefers this chilling mess
With heavy thoughts upon his mind
He steps deeper into the darkness

Now he is recognizing many different shapes
He knew them once in his former life
They made him feel calm and relaxed
Peaces of lost memory folded without strife

Then darkness assumes it's form
A great hall of memories built upon his past
For the first time after countless years
He felt joy and tranquility at last

But a warning came from out of nowhere
A mute presence somewhere in his hall
He turns around and faces his fear
A grotesque creature standing tall

Uglier than himself, huge and disgusting
It stares at him with it's yellow eyes
A dreadful monstrosity shrouded in chaos
Stabs his soul with thousand knives

Forbidden memories crushed their prison
Disappointments, sorrow and fatal mistakes
Although silent, the creature talks much
A living dream vision of a forgotten past

There is no fear pain or sorrow
There's only strength, destruction and rage
And they all found one target
A monstrous hideous visage

"Blood poured out from me
As I gazed in disbelief
Into the remains
Of a broken mirror"
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Nameless One - Darkness

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