Natalie Bowers - What About...


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I hate the way he looks at me
I hate the way he makes me feel
I hate the feeling in my heart
Like icy stone so dead beneath my soul
I hate this song More More More...

I wanna feel right
I wanna be in love with you
I wanna stay that way
Don't wanna make it feel like I'm far away
You made some choices
That feels OK, to you.
But what about me
What about the love
What about the feeling
What about mee...
What about everything
Everything we shared
What about things we've done
What about being scared
I can't live
I wont live
I need you
To beeee

The best of me
Cryin out to be
Back bein known
Not shoved in the shadow
I can only be
The things people say
Is like being dead

I wish we were together
You and me forever
Sharing laughter, joy and a happy ending

You and mee...
You and mee...
You and mee...

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