Natalie Durham - The Chalkboard


Tekst oryginalny

standing at the chalkboard of life.
look to see what i can erase
scrub real hard nothing comes off,
if it helped there is no trace
mistakes are many, achievements are more,
yes this life- heaven and hell
did i help you friend on your way?
if i did then i have lived so well

let whats in bold not cloud your sight,
success is many mistakes are few,
everyone hits that hard time of life,
sometimes a chance will show what they can do
you see your life through gods eyes now,
on that chalkboard in the sky
you see the struggles the pain and the guilt,
but now you finally understand why

my child he whispers with love,
you have bettered the human race,
you tripped and fell then you got up,
with a friend looked death in the face
do not look at the chalkboard more,
as he erased mistakes with ease
wake up now you slumber so deep,
go back to life live as you please

walk the halls let everyone know,
tell your friends watch their faces glow,
let them know how much you care,
for tomorrow life might not be there
time to take this life as a gift,
not as endless day and night shifts
i for one have come to know,
for now and ever i will not let go

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