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Ancient history - tekst piosenki

I'll build you a temple... (x3)

How did it ever get to this
We were the perfect kiss
Then there was a battle far from home and you
You sent somebody else to say
You were gonna go away
And I was left standing all alone

You didn't give me a chance to tell you
She was somebody from my past
How could anybody take your place
You know I would do anything
I would do anything

I'll build you a temple like the Taj Mahal
Be the one to catch you when the Romans fall
Uncover the mystery
I'll rewrite ancient history
Please tell me baby what I gotta do
I'll sail around the seven seas for you
Anything to get you back to me
I'll rewrite ancient history

Time is my enemy
Every second you're not with me
And I don't know who you're talking to but please
Please remember what we had
Tell me what made it bad
If it was her she's telling lies (telling lies)

She didn't wanna let go of me then
I told her that you were the only one
How could anybody take your place
You know I would do anything
I would do anything



Your love was taken by a thief in the night
Like the jewel of the Nile
Taken from my own hands
What can I do to get you back inside
To the place we once where

I'll build you a temple... (x2)
Oh baby


I'll rewrite ancient history
Rewrite ancient history
Rewrite ancient history
Ancient history
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Natural - Ancient history

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