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Obsidian Gate
Behold The Imperial Rise - tekst piosenki

In an age when the earth was born
Deep in the black maw of eternity's void
I commanded them - abysmal creatures,
My minions, to prepare our rise.
Neither beasts nor human beings
Wandered the earth when I came from below,
From the inside of the mountain, the fiery grounds,
Hell itself and earthen element.

So there was movement underneath.
I reside on my throne and behold:
Stone after stone shaped to become
The construction of my invincible fortress.
"Behold my imperial rise - godfather in heaven...
I will create fear in all thou give life.
Far beyond thy realm all shall die..."

And new ages came,
Human creatures were born.
Swarming the earth like insects,
Resembling thorns in my eyes.

"I'll send a messenger to them,
That they turn their faces away
From their father in heaven.
But weak as they are,
Blind on knees for their god,
They refused my honest offer..."

"So thou hast to be punished
With the worst of punishment,
The earth shall turn against thee!"

The ground shakes.
My fortress prepare to war.
I crown myself with horns
And give the sign for attack!

Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy awe to me: Satan!
Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy blood to me: Satan!

And I ascend the earthen throne with fire by my side.
My reign will be as cruel as torture, in darkness thou shall writhe.
In every earthquake and great flood, in every death taking place
I am the one behind, the whole earth I enslave.
I am the fallen emperor, I rejoice in hurting god.
When eclipses devour the source of light my time has come to rise (and scourge
The whole).
Silence followed by the great storm, sweeping all life away.
I am the fallen one from heaven, revenge is mine to those who pray.
Weaklings, insects, lambs of god, to the slaughter thou shall be forced.
The lands drown in thy blood, and thy spirits taken into fire.
Now, when the new millennium began in the great eradication,
The truth about hell is revealed and manifests in my arrival.

Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy awe to me: Satan!
Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy blood to me: Satan!
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Obsidian Gate - Behold The Imperial Rise

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