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Obsidian Gate
Colossal Christhunt - tekst piosenki

The grim visage of the night
Enthralls the vast silhoutette of ancient Rome,
Where in his glorious cruel palace
The grand emperor resides in baptized blood.
Nero, emperor granded with Satan's flame,
Ordered his sorcerers to forsee the world's fate
Threatened by a swarm of impure creatures,
The christian plague and their false father god...

Ave Nero!

And there he sat, only lightened by the moon,
To his left and his right impaled christian heads,
And he asketh the wise elder ones
How to slay god's lambs in masses.
At the same hour in the great Colosseum of Rome,
The lions hunt for frightened feeble christians.
Their screams of unbearable pain
Mirrors satisfied smiles of joy onto Nero's face.

"Hark, the dread beast's hunger stilled with the flesh baptized and innocent.
Guide me to this hallowed place where the devil's eyes can see their deaths.
You can call me god of flames for fire shall melt all their souls.
In blood, I'll wash my hands clean which will set their houses on fire.

Intruders of light, into flame thou shalt be forced.
The Roman empire will hunt thy weak souls.
Intruders of our realm, death be with you,
Neros cruel hands shall break thy saviour's neck.

Where the battlefields will drown in holy herde's blood...
Time of colossal christhunt, time of retaliation!
Where the flames of hell spread through all temples of Christ...
Time of colossal christhunt, time of retaliation!

The arena is filled with the roar of the beasts,
Nero, grand emperor, be one with them.
Summon the old gods, the spirits of fire.
Make the night become day by the shine of burning Rome...

See, the flames raging wild and tall, consuming the flesh of the false believers.
Blood runs like rivers, my work is done, my enemies fall for my victory.
Go and announce that they burnt Rome themselves, the world's hate shall fall
Upon them.
In the whole world the lions shall long for christian blood with rage in their eyes!"

The arena is filled with the roar of the beasts,
Nero, grand emperor, be one with them.
Draw all thy swords and rage war against Christ.
Nero, thou monument, watch upon us all!

Intruders and weaklings fall to their knees
The horned silhouette of Nero inflames all their fears.
Intruders from heaven. erased thou shall be.
Thy beds now are burning, thy flesh is ablaze.

Those of the light... they shall die!
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Obsidian Gate - Colossal Christhunt

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