Obsidian Voice - Sleeping bride


Tekst oryginalny

When nights and days are filled with laughter
and thoughts of living everafter
a realm of happiness lets me in
but then I start to think of him

who loved to make me believe in fate
which he would conquer to change my state
by loving me like noone else
in fact that's what each liar tells

Wake up, sleeping bride
there's sorrow to come
your sleep will be deadly
your beauty has gone
there's more dreams to dream
but wake up and go
if you hurry up, he'll never know

His voice was soft and white his skin
his heart was never stained by sin
his promises were delightful and sweet
my heart became incaucious with every beat

'Cause half as blind, it would have appeared
as if it were his eyes that feared
what cruel and dumb his tongue had told
the victim was new, the lie was old

And sacrificing all my dreams
goodbye, as bitter as it seems
is right and good and by the way
I did not love you anyway!

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