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Olsen Twins
We need a vacation - tekst piosenki

Wake up in the morning, must make my bed.
Brush all my teeth, comb the hair on my head.
Eat all my breakfast while mom makes a fuss.
Then rush out the door barely catching the bus.
Filling my head with these figures and facts.
When school is over, I take the bus back,
To chores that are waiting just to be done.
I thought being a kid would be fun.

We need a vacation from our daily vocation.
Oh, oh, oh.
It's not easy just being a kid.
We're tired just thinking of all that we did.
We need time away from all the work and the hum drum,
Oh, oh, oh.
Don't call us, we'll call you.
We need some time off.
I love playing baseball and soccer you bet.
But this is hard work, you should see how I sweat.
Hide and seek is not easy. It's serious work.
Climbing up trees getting covered with dirt.
We keep up this schedule just day after day.
We make our suggestion, they don't hear what we say.
I'm burning my candle out at both ends.
I'm taking time off with my friends.


Can you picture it now, as we lie on the beach.
Tall frosty fruit punches just out of reach.
Soaking our troubles away in the pool.
Don't anyone dare mention school.

We need a vacation, from our kid like frustration.
Oh, oh, oh.
Don't call us, we'll call you.
We need some time off, we need some time off.
We're taking time off.

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Olsen Twins - We need a vacation

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