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  • Autor: Olu Dara
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Olu Dara
Jungle Jay - tekst piosenki

It's like a jungle
Makes me wonder
It's like a jungle

Yo, I have to look out
Everywhere I go
I have to turn around
Watch my back, watch my front

That's what it's all about
It's a jungle of the mind
There's a jungle when you hang
Where they bang

The world's so big yet so small
It's one block
Many die mentally before they reach what they wanted
I choose to get blunted

And cruise the one hundred twenty fifth street
Music loud as hell in my jeep
Eyes meet people, strangers
Not thinkin' of danger

Amongst my people
Some I see through
But one guy stares
Maybe he thinks he knows me

Or maybe he's crazy
Killer, baller, dealer
Something he has he wants to show me
But I'm at this red light

Is it me or is he looking dead right
In my face?
As I pull the strap that I keep
Underneath the seat

Just in time
I was able to fled the scene
And leave him standing there
With his hands in the air

See, my life is green
Harlem to Queens
Triborough bridge packed with cars
Trucks, vans and cabs

They got this new EZ pass thing
Computer, taking over the cash thing
So as I drive home
I roll my window up

And my endo up in the same motion
See life is so full of surprises
And as I paid my toll
I drove to see my man

"What up kid, Dunn, brova?
What's the deal?"
He said
"Everything's easy broker man
It's all real"
I said

"But what happened earlier
Why everybody outside?"
He said like
"Blue suits came runnin' through
And took thirty brothas for a ride
Yo, right after you left the Ave"

Yo, the same thing that's been going on
Since I was young in the past
Still goes on, how long will it last?
Gotta get strong fast
Out in the jungle

That's how it is

Olu, got the music playing
Outside it ain't no playing
We just paying attention
Listening now to everything that's happening

'Cause if it's on it's on
And it's always on
It's just like this song 'Jungle'
What's gonna happen next out here

It's gettin' crazier, weirder
People losing spirituality, morality
What's happening
From jazz B-bop to rappin'

It's all the same thing
A black thing
A map thing, a world thing
Boy, girl thing

Woman, man, child
From Sweden to the Nile
To Australia, Europe
Africa to Venezuela

China, Japan
Everywhere you go understand
It's a jungle
The whole world

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Olu Dara - Jungle Jay

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