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One Milion Dimes - tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Everything I say up in my songs
I swear to god it's true
I put it on my three kids
That they die in front of you
Listen up
This is nothing that I want to brag about
I did a lot of dirt
When I was young I cannot talk about
I use to shoot my gun for no reason
We coulda talked it out
It ain't about being the hardest
It's about being the smartest
It's not about conducting violence
It's about moving in silence
Do what you got to do
Just make sure your kids is always smiling
Instead of buying diamonds
I rather buy them some presents
I use to dwell on my pass
But now I live in the present
I got to persevere
I got demons up in here
I don't even talk to myself no more
Cuz I know they here
Everything that I say
And they move with me throughout the day
God I need you now come brighten up my day
Please show me the light
Cuz all I see is the dark
Forgive me father for I have sinned
And this is coming right from the heart

I must have sold a million dimes
I was selling drugs all the time
And I'm sorry mamma
For the pain you went through
I'm sorry
I promise
What I did was for you

[Verse 2]
I never want to see my kids
Sell a drug
And that's for sure
It's a horrible feeling
When DEA is at your door
They point a gun at you and your wife
And put your kids on the floor
I don't know no other way
I cannot be scrubbing floors
Before I get a job I rather get a gun
And rob a store
I'm Tired of committing crimes
Man this shit is getting old
I got a lot of beef in the streets
I'm just gon let it go
But if they try to take my life
I swear to god I'll let it blow
Imma flea the scene
And make it look like someone
Robbed your blow
When it come to drugs and to murder
It's gonna be case closed
But fuck the bullshit
I'll empty out this full clip
I drive away like it ain't shit
And then I smoke a full zip
Mamma I know I made you mad
I know that actions that I made
In my life mad you sad
I just wanted to pay your bills
I just wanted to pay your car
I just wanted to have you feeling like you
Was a super star
And that's what you are
Do not let them tell you different
When they use to talk bad about your son
You would say he different
But mamma
You my mamma forever
I'm your son forever
You got my heart forever
I'm gon love you forever
I got your back
You got mine
And that's a fact mamma
And imma tell you again
I'm sorry for the drama

I must have sold a million dimes
I was selling drugs all the time
And I'm sorry mamma
For the pain you went through
I'm sorry
I promise
What I did was for you
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Stitches - One Milion Dimes

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