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  • Autor: Pete Way, Phil Mogg, Andy Parker, Mick Bolton
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  • Tagi: ufo
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Flying - tekst piosenki

Have you ever had the time to see, me and you could change to be
Take a dream away with you live it now and you will see
Found myself on an open road [got no hand] to show the way
Upped and started walking on to a land seemed so far away
After so long felt I was damned then I reached some gates and held a hand
But came to the point of sing and say, laughing people led me in to stay
Their happiness [held me, made me ] strong. I felt this is where I belong
I don't want another day just wanna laugh live sing and say
It's so strange I feel this way, it's so real, it's happening today,
Stop still something burns my body falls I begin to turn

(instrumental verse)

Flying drifting falling down, I found myself beneath the ground,
In a place that's strange to me, the earth is black and there's not a tree
Well its so dark there's not a sound just the feeling of wanting to be found
I must make haste to be gone, in this place I do not belong
I thought I tried to move a foot, I just remained where I stood,
And in the distance I heard aloud the shrill of blank deathly sound
I tried, I tried, I tried to run, but every move I was where I begun,
It's too late, shadows over me blind my eyes I cannot see
All my strength all my love, someone help me please above,
Death will surely take me down, I'll be doomed to live beneath the ground


[See your two, see your one,] See your tomb, see you run, you fool, you fool your life has just begun
I'm here to taunt and torment you
I can make you do what I want you to
Black it out and drag you down, all kinds of evil wear a crown
Chase you rape you feast upon your hurt, lay your body in the dirt
If I were a fool I'd believe its true but I have no fear of what you can do
See I'm free I can be just anyone that I want to be
Leave me now get out of my way


[See your two, see your one] See your tomb, see your rock, who are you fooling life's just begun
Here to taunt, to torment you
I can make you do what I want you to,

Knock it out drag you down, all kinds of people were aware of it now?
Chase you rape you feast upon your hurt, lay your body in the dirt
If I were a fool I'd believe its true but I have no fear of what you can do

See I'm free so leave me alone I wanna go my way and be alone
Get out of my sight, get out of my way

(more instrumental)

I'm not through, and I'm on the run, you're the fool my life's not been done
I'll taunt you and I'll torment you


Have this way with a dream never leave me so it seems
Life by night, life by day, the tale they tell will always stay
Walk the earth, walk the sky, don't let all this time go by
Hang on fast, don't let go or someone else will never know
Ride a road along with me chase a dream we all can see
Don't let bad, just see good it's all that just what you should
No truth will ever come along shine so bright in your eyes
No wide wonder will do that for you, just lock it fast, do what you got to do
Shout it loud, shout out loud just live how you want to be
Show yourself show yourself, live how you got to be

(More instrumental, followed by a verse from Rudyard Kipling's "Gunga Din" taped backwards: "Though I've belted you and flayed you, by the living God that made you, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din."
and then, in ultra super-slo-mo, "yes we know its all be done before before before before before before")

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UFO - Flying

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