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Reconditioning The Flock - tekst piosenki

Enveloped by waves of violently burning hatred
Pulling from all sides, nothingness beckons persistently
The knowledge of utter humanity and it's toils
I can feel my own insides in full view of my enemy

Left behind, forgotten
To think that your cries and heard -an impossibility
Left to suffer without justification -alone
He who saved so many will never save again
Non-truths and deception roll down his dirty cheek

Never to repent to suck a filthy fucking liar
The Christ of those unwilling to make their own way
A mind open to images of a divine bliss
The only way to enter is to stop living life

Enveloped by waves of violently burning hatred
Pulling from all sides nothingness beckons persistently

Giving away your love gift
To the god who speaks through man
How jaded your simple little mind has become
He who saved so many will never save again

Have you ever met your god face to face
So called miracles but how can you know
A simple explanation of your pathetic dependencies
Bow before the altar and all your sins are washed away

Just your peace of mind transforming into image
An idol for all to fear and beg for forgiveness from
But where have all your miracles gone

Without your belief you find no meaning
This shallow story written so long ago
Why can't these sheep awaken

A loose knit collection of rules and regulation
Calling for one to give ones self to a filthy fucking super- hero
Walk on water, heal leper, where has this magician gone
Understand the error presented by the tellers of folk and lore

Releasing this source of all my anger
Letting go of Sunday fucking fairy tales
The knowledge of oneself should take priority I will never bow before
Your Christ of a forgotten time
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Vehemence - Reconditioning The Flock

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