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Accelerating Universe - tekst piosenki

Lost in time where thoughts are faint echoes
My city crumbles
A path of destruction ahead of me
Tracing the footsteps of insanity
I see the ashes of a bridge to gold
I sacrifice my empty soul
Emptiness crowds the streets
I drain my thoughts, I carry on to bleed

Dark energy is pulling me
My old thoughts unheard, accelerating universe

A darkening force, the unfathomed realm reborn
Worlds of nothing, chaos forlorn
The weak will follow the false cure of souls
My weakness pulls me into the black hole
Humanity, a blood trail caress
I follow it to the unconquered fortress
A blinding light made from distraction
It burns your eyes out if you get too close

Dark energy is pulling me
My old thoughts unheard, accelerating universe

Obscure flickers in the distance
These lights, blinked out of existence
Dying systems pulled through a void
Experimental universe designed to destroy itself

Release of energy from our point of origin
Will this cycle continue to be again?
Or will these stars fade and kill their systems?
Will our night sky be solar gravestones?
It pulls the thought of change from our minds
The only thought unchained in our minds
It drains your blood, rips out your soul
Your mind is hollow, you are time's black hole

Dark energy is pulling me
My old thoughts unheard, accelerating universe

Minds in a standstill as we walk on this treadmill
Our guide through the eons until our star is gone
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Vektor - Accelerating Universe

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