Wafflehouse - Leviathan


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Living on hydrogen tanks won't give you life.
i've tried and i've tried to make the cliché right.
you've been told that all you know are lies.
i'd do what you say but there's daggers in your eyes.
you lived a disguise,
wore what you despise,
do you think that's wise.
red lighter,
red lighter than a feather,
the bits of her sneakers found their way to my kitchen floor.
the path stretched from here to there without a trace of crystals lining the door.
it eats her up inside she can't decide if the fright was the right thing to do.
you fucked what i planned to do.
if i could only hold your hand i'd break my right arm.
this fall change.
keep it with me it's the same.
lame thing with hazing constant.
blaming me for this.
you would be a number.
hello means the name of a city.
here we go.
there we go.
now we will.
never know.

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