Xang - The dream


Tekst oryginalny

I look to the right
and see the black board
velvety mice attack
at the base to destroy it
Behind me from a large bay window
a road winds and turns as long as three storeys
rotating clock wise
each hand carrying
ten or so people
not side by side but spread
so that room is left for others
so that they don?t suffer
I have to get out,
but scared of the truth
No problem, the doors are open
outside everything is green
trees and big blue sky
I walk along the red pebbled path
my feet kicking the dust
it floats back down on my shoes
disturbing the cleanliness
mind you they were too new
it is not normal
A woman in black and white
likely a christian woman
slowly and calmely walks towards me
giving me an iron worked key
that seemed to have lived a long life
I put it in my right pocket
carefully though because of the hole
Something is calling me
I walk toward the light
climbing the little green hill
that crumbles under my feet.

I eventually wake up
it is 9.21 am
The sun is shinning
and I don?t have to work
I get up and put my shoes on
after wipping the dust off

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