Xang - The prediction


Tekst oryginalny

It was always curled up inside of me
curled up like something that cannot be admited
like something that we wish for, but are afraid to lose
it is dark and I am alone
I am at a stage of my life where everything is cold
where despite of me, everything is far away
but at the moment I face it,
I look at it as if I could read myself in it
the cards are drawn, my left hand pointing
I eagerly await this destiny that I want to fashion
the game comes to a stop,
the cards fall one after the other,
I hold my breath, my heart pounds
hearts, spades, clubs

I hope and I fear so much also
But the truth falls, my truth
so true for me
It appears as an open door
opened on my desires
on what I knew
the future belongs to me, my turn to play
so incredible
so improbable
I waited for so long
during my short life so far
it was always in me
I have no choice, I must succeed

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