Xang - The revelation


Tekst oryginalny

Impossible-Why impossible?
I have to cross the gap, to get to the other side
as a spectator, the chrysalis forms and I become a
participant in my own life
I have dreamed of it too often,
I have hoped for it too much to wait for it
waiting for my life to catch up with me
for me to get bogged down in my everyday life
that I can look back without regret
it is time for me to move to the other side ot the mirror
to incarnate the relection I wish to be

From childhood to awareness
an awareness without being a man
with no responsability as yet
but so many things to do
I spend my youth forging my will

testing myself
using my days to build my dreams
From daydream during hard times that I can not evade
how many times must I suffer
so many failures, so many hard punches
how many times bowing to others
I am despite myself the only one to understand the real me
because my past belongs to me and refuse to be divided
night falls and I still wonder
if all my sacrifices will be rewarded
So much pain for a brief moment of happiness
let?s hope

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