Yam - My barbeque


Tekst oryginalny

Come to my barbeque
we have ribs and
hot hot dogs
bring guns
we can have a shoot out
bring some duck
they can be targets

my barbeque
my barbeque
oh oh oh
my barbeque
come to my barbeque

there are some hot
chicken wings
spicy weiners too
won't you come and join my barbeque

there's a swimming pool
if it gets hot
two pieces bathing suites
are best to get a tan
oh my barbeque

break it into gospel dudes

weiers, cold beer, hot girls
shoot out, hot wings, swimming pools
oh isn't this the best barbeque ever?
oh isn't this the best barbeque ever?

cut the gospel break done da beat man

yo if ya want cold cold beer
hot girls in binkies
hot hot weiners too
come to my barbeque
it's better than
the geek's down the street
we'll blast nirvana around
with tenacious d too
so come on and join my barbeque


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