Yam - New me


Tekst oryginalny

There i am
listening to nirvana
when you walked over
never knew who you were
but your face seemed familiar

i'm a new me
can't believe your eyes
take another look
coz you can't have me
i'm stolen by someone else
wish you would have got me
when you had the chance
what bad luck

i go on listening
not even thinking about you
your face is familiar
just who are you
i take off my headphones
and look up
i newer say
im not afraid you're the one
you newer bee ther
I newer love you
This world its not main

i'm dressed as me
nothing like before
listening to descent music
you got me into
funny how someone like you
got me into things like this
take another look
and look good
i'm over you
get the clue

we have a talk
i'm amazed you're even talking to me
when you said you would
use the fact that i liked you
against me in the wrong
way, well you can take it all
back coz you can't have this


funny how you came crawling back
knew you would
wish you would have taken the time
to relize you liked me
too late
try again in a few years
when i'm not thinking about someone else


nice to hear from ya
why didn't we talk before
well goodbye
say goodbye coz this is your last chance
even though there isn't

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