Yam - Typical


Tekst oryginalny

verse 1
You let me down
you're never around
how can i
expect you to be there for me?
you said you could
and you really would
be there
when i needed you at all

thats so typical of you
you broke your promises to me
and you know
that this love will never last
when i needed you the most
you was unreachable i'm lost
and you know
i wont take this anymore

verse 2
if i cant rely
on my man then why
is there any
point in me living at all?
it's not fair on me
i loved you now pay the fee
love me back
and show me the man i fell for


verse 3
i know what i should do
move on from,from you
but it's hard
cause i know i love you
but can you prove to me
the man man that you can be?
or is he
just a show thats put on for me?

ad lib
i know that i am weak
but i'll make it through
you cant break me down
ill beat you
i'm gonna win

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