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Zion I
I Need Mo - tekst piosenki

Yeah Eh
Hit you in the zone with this
I need a girl in my world
Give me space to spit
Picture Halle Berry blowin a kiss
Wanna get it from my wife
But I don't have to grit
It's all G if you got big cheese
If you don't then
(Negro Please)
Cuz the single life ain't sweet
Every woman that I meet is lookin all at my teeth
Tryin to find peace of mind
In the moment we breath
Like if we speak and it get real deep
We can freak for a week when we hit the sheets
It's all gravy but we can't go crazy
I'm not lazy I just don't want babies
After the sex tell me what comes next
Credit cards and a buncha bounced cheques
All due respect but holdin your neck but
Deep respect I ain't perfect
Don't know nothin I ain't frontin
I need love and you break me off somethin

* I need mo
Feel good
Make it last all night

I need mo
It's okay
Feel good
Make it last all day x2 *

I'm caught in limbo
You're not a bimbo
I know fo sho you flow with my kin folk
It's all love well not all way
I wanna chill just not everyday
I want a girl just not in that way
Your body's bad and I can't stay away
The truth hurts and I'm so confused
I walk around in a dream and I sing the blues
You look beautiful baby boo
Now when I see you on the street I'm gonna holla too
Know what a man can do
Walk around dumb
You make me scream usin all my lungs
My mama said I'm a stranger son
On a highway of love in the wrong direction
It's all for clarity
To my polarity
Could be worse
That's what terms of severity
Don't know nothin I ain't frontin
I need love and you break me off somethin

Hey didn't mean to be rude with this
I hope you understand the fact that I'm lovin your lips
And your big ol hips that I love to clutch
Somethin inside that you started to touch
That I don't see much
Can't see much light
In the night when it's right and I'm holding you tight
I get scared of that
When you say commitment
I need a boost baby gimme a shipment
My faith to prosper
Blast but not "? "
To keep it fresh when I bless ya proper
Don't know nothin I ain't frontin
I need love and you break me off somethin
Gotta need indeed you got me keyed
Fast is slow speed
We can break the sheets
But I need one more weed
And that's it
A nice "?"
And a pin where I sits
Don't know nothin I ain't frontin
I need love and you break me off somethin

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Zion I - I Need Mo

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